artmonkey, codemonkey, commentmonkey, general buttmonkey
fandoms: ace attorney series, excel saga, fullmetal alchemist, higurashi no naku koro ni, sailor moon, shoujo kakumei utena, yu-gi-oh!
likes: yaoi, obnoxiously cute things, san-x, pandapple, livejournal drama, the internets and the nintendo wii
dislikes: rabid fangirls, narutards, your mother
misc. info: fails at life, the universe, and everything. likes lowercase far too much. wants to know what kind of lame power "heart" is anyway. believes that everything in life happened because a wizard did it. is certain that everything in higurashi no naku koro ni happened because two falcon punches collided. still swoons over boy bands. listens to embarrassing pop music. is flailtastic. really wants to cosplay seto kaiba. needs a life. just lost the game.
scriptmonkey, tonemonkey, layoutmonkey, backgroundmonkey,conceptmonkey, all-around monkey
fandoms: Eyeshield 21, Final Fantasy VII, SPIDERMAN, Ape Escape, Gex, Assassin's Creed, whatever
likes: FOOD, crack-pairings, and fuzzy socks. And pretty arts.
dislikes: Asparagus, BEES, srs business.
misc. info: Is a part-time ninja. Is also the goddamn Batman. Actually won the game, but you just lost.